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Time 2 Wake up
"Time 2 Wake Up" is a massive clubtool to get the crowd go wild. After the awesome break, a melody builds up which comes down into an massive drop which will blow the speakers. Screwed together by the partyanimals Merlin Milles, Rene Rodrigezz & Sigi Di Collini. The guys already had a few heavy partynights togehter so they decided to start something banging. Produced by Rene Rodrigezz, who make the globe going insane with his big clubhit "Shake 3x (together with DJ Antoine & MC Yankoo).

Release Date 27.07.2012
The next awesome clubhit by Mr Merlin Milles is called PUMP! A big big remixpackage from artists like DJ The Bass, Manuel Baccano & Thomas Heat gives this release beside the mighty original mix the ranking 1st class!

Release Date 09.03.2012
MERLIN MILLES - Wanna Fuck (Again)
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OUT NOW: Wanna Fuck (Again)
Who the fuck is Merlin Milles?! - this message spins around on several online platforms in the last weeks...

With his new track "Wanna Fuck (Again)" Merlin Milles sends out the new club-burner to the DJ & musicfreak community! The original track from 2008 reached top positions on Beatport. Rene Rodrigezz gives a massiv push to this release with his remix. The funny videoclip will also provide massive conversation ;-)


Who the fuck is Merlin Milles?! - Diese Meldung kursiert seit Wochen auf diversen Online Plattformen...

Mit "Wanna Fuck (Again)" schickt Merlin Milles seinen nächsten Club-Burner an die DJ und Musikfreak Community! Der Track ist eine Neuauflage aus dem Jahre 2008, welche sich auf Top Positionen auf Beatport wiederfand. Den Original Mix pusht Rene Rodrigezz noch zusätzlich mit seiner Remix Interpretation. Auch das Funny Video wird für massig Gesprächsstoff sorgen ;-)

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OUT NOW: Deep Club Vol. 1 - selected by Merlin Milles
Deep Club Vol. 1 - selected by Merlin Milles ... Out now @ Beatport, Musicload, Amazon & iTunes
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